Speech Analytics & Audio Mining

Utilise your customer service or contact centre contact data to monitor and improve operational and strategic business outcomes using cutting edge AI speech analytics & omnichannel voice mining technology from Yactraq.
  • Real Time Agent Support

  • Audio Mining & Data Redaction

  • Search 100% Recorded Calls

  • Detailed Phrase Cloud

  • API Access

  • Multi-Language Capability

  • Packages Suitable from 10 Agents

Consolidated Dashboard

Extract critical business insights through our award-winning technology, from call centre calls, web media, video, audio, and text data with our fully configurable business intelligence solution.

Speech to Transcript

Intelligent audio mining provides call centres with the advanced speech analytic capabilities that allow customers to make all call centre recordings searchable and reportable. Uncover high impact and actionable data on Voice-of-the-Customer insights, agent performance evaluation, customer service analysis, compliance applications and more.

Real Time Monitoring

Yactraq's omnichannel solution can be deployed for any recorded calls, both inbound and outbound, with the ability to search call, document, text, and chat data. Yactraq helps contact centres to significantly increase the performance of their operations and the value they can bring to a business.

Essential - 360 Emotion Detection

The Essential Package includes sentiment analysis (both word-based and tonality-based), agent & customer evaluation, omnichannel analysis, script deviation, content redaction and quality automation module. This enables contact centres to improve sales and resolutions, enhance productivity by optimizing Average Handle Time and ensures higher call quality on a process front across all calls.

Professional - Predictive Machine Learning

In addition to the Essential package features, the Professional Package enables the use of predictive capabilities to predict set KPI’s. Use predictive capabilities to forecast lead opportunities using predictive lead qualification. The capability can also be used to aid predictive customer experience, predictive agent assessment, predictive churn and predictive call disposition

Enterprise - Real Time Analysis

Enterprise provides real time capabilities in addition to the Professional offering. Using real time capabilities customers can monitor calls on a real time basis through the Supervisor Heat map dashboard. The dashboard highlights the problem calls on a and intervention. Additionally, the package also provides agent assist bots which can recommend next best action to resolve customer issues.

Unlock the power of your contact data with Yactrac