Omnichannel Complete Cloud Contact Centre

Ozonetel CloudAgent is a complete cloud-based contact centre software that includes all of the necessary tools to optimise your business contact. In addition to the suite of omnichannel routing options, CloudAgent provides a simple open API architecture to allow you to seamlessly integrate with your existing business solutions.

Packages starting from £25 per agent

The fastest & most flexible way to transform your contact centre

Sophisticated, Intelligent Contact Centre Features with simple clear packages to suit all business needs. Start today with a 21-day free trial.

  • Secure & Scalable

  • Complete Open API Architecture for full flexibility

  • Deep CTI Integrations with your CRM solution

  • Sophisitcated Omnichannel Routing

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Trusted by Businesses Worldwide

  • No Setup Costs

Whether you are looking to transform your existing on-premise contact centre solution by adding all of the benefits of a feature rich cloud solution, or looking to build an entirely pure cloud based solution, CloudAgent provides the flexibility, scalability, and functionality every business requires in order to achieve optimal results in customer contact and satisfaction.

Easy set up in hours

Set up a fully-fledged contact centre from scratch in hours.

Complete flexibility

Add cloud capabilities while keeping your on-premise hardware.

At a pace that suits you...

Migrate from legacy to cloud overnight without any disruption.

Truly flexible built on an open API architecture

Although CloudAgent is a complete out-of-the-box product, it is built on an open API architecture for fully customisable advanced seamless integrations, allowing end-to-end customised, optimised process performance for your business.

Let your customers choose how they wish to communicate with your agents

Predictive, Power & IVR Dialler Options

Offer proactive customer support, make announcements, manage inbound leads or outbound calling efficiently using the CloudAgent suite of diallers. Switch between preview, progressive or IVR as per your campaign requirements. Diallers can increase agent productivity upto 400%* compared to manual dialling.

Real Time Performance Monitoring

Drag & Drop to build multi – level call flows

Ready Made CRM Integratins or Build Your Own

  • Trusted By 2000+ Businesses

  • 2.5+ billion calls handled annually

  • 99.9% Uptime

  • 50,000+ Users Globally