Text to Speech (TTS)

With Nun, IstTek’s state of the art text to speech (TTS) solution you will never have to hire or retain a voice artist and studio space again. Nun is a self-service speech automation tool, designed to synthesize human- like voice for use on your promotional video’s, Contact Centre IVR options, Voice Mails and many more use cases.
  • TTS will turn any written text into a natural engaging conversation.

  • Ability to share updates, events and keep your customers informed of your company news by making real time changes and announcements at your convenience.

  • Choose from a range of life-like voices across a broad set of languages and accents.

  • On-prem or Cloud deployment

  • Voice audio files generated in WAV (uLaw) and mp3 formats.

Powerful TTS Editor

Create the perfect customisable voice by adjusting the volume, pitch, speed rate and accent to suit your business brand identity.

Text Normalisation

AI Powered speech generation - Ability to correctly read out different date formats, time, currencies, abbreviations and names.

Multi Lingual Support

20+ Languages supported including English, Arabic, french, Hindi